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Week 5 - 13th May

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A look ahead... Easter Term​​​

On the hunt for hedgehogs to raise money for local charity

Coinciding with Hedgehog Awareness Week, our Pre-Prep School Council was in full force on Thursday morning in their hedgehog headbands, selling hedgehog food and hedgehog colouring sheets, whilst our Prep School pupils (and staff hedgehogs) took part in the Eco Committee’s BIG Hedgehog Hunt. The combined total raised for local rescue centre, Hedgehog Bottom, was £530.  A HUGE thank you to everyone for their support and donations. You can read more and see our hedgehogs in action here.

Monday, 27 May 2024

Half Term begins

Friday, 31 May 2024

Half Term ends

Friday, 7 June 2024

Year Group Photographs

Monday, 17 June 2024

Dance Performance, 4.15 pm

Friday, 21 June 2024

Pre-Prep Sports Day, 2.15 pm

Saturday, 22 June 2024

Prep Sports Day, 10.30 am

Friday, 28 June 2024

Reception-Year 4 Family Afternoon, 1.30 pm

Wednesday, 3 July 2024

Prep Summer Concert, 2.00 pm

Friday, 5 July 2024

Pre-Prep Prize Giving, 2.00 pm

Saturday, 6 July 2024

Speech Day & End of Term, 11.00 am

Here's what has been happening this week...

Debaters Triumph In Windsor

A team of four Year 6 debaters won their semi-final last week at Upton House, Windsor. The articulate team, comprising Kimi, Henry, Harriet and Enya, scored significant points in arguing for the proposition 'This house believes that contact sports should be banned in prep schools.'

Despite all four of them actually being in favour of contact sports, they used their debating skill to argue the opposite, resulting in a victory over Aldro, Heatherton School and Wellesley Prep to qualify for the final. The team are now preparing their arguments around the proposition that 'King Charles III should be the last monarch of the United Kingdom' ready for the final next week. 

We are feeling very lucky in the Library as we have recently been sent a big pile of books after entering, and winning, some competitions. It's always good to have new titles to put on our shelves, but it feels even better winning them!

Lucky Library

The Year 2 Athletics fixture at Brockhurst on Thursday was filled with excitement and enthusiasm! The children competed in hurdles, long jump, cricket ball toss, 120m bend race, and a 50m sprint. They displayed determination, resilience and confidence. An excellent day, well done Year 2!

Year 2 Athletics

The School Council had homemade scampi and chips today in the Head Master’s office, followed by choc-ices.

As with any good lunch, the conversation ranged from waterslides, to spiders and to dancing.

Pre-Prep School Council lunch

French connections

In the past few weeks, all year 7 pupils have written a letter in English to a new French pen pal, who lives in (or near) Houdan in France, the town with which Pangbourne is twinned. During the bank holiday weekend, Mr Bates went to Houdan and hand-delivered these letters and received 50 letters in return from a French teacher, with whom he had made contact through Pangbourne Twinning Association. On Wednesday, all letters were delivered to our pupils en masse and the excitement was palpable. Letters were opened and from the photos you can see how excited the pupils were to read their letters.

As part of the Pangbourne Twinning Association, Mr Bates plans to develop further links with schools in and around Houdan, creating real opportunities for pupils to use French. It was wonderful to see the children enjoy reading a hand-written letter. One child said it was like Christmas as letters were delivered by the staff.

Senior School Visitors - dates for your diaries

Co-curricular and after school activity survey

Please provide your feedback on the current co-curricular offering in the Prep and Pre-Prep by completing this form. It should take around 10 minutes and will really help to show what we are doing well and what needs improvement. 

Responses will close on Tuesday 4th June at midday.

Book Fair - open for online orders until end of half term

If you haven’t been able to make it to the Book Fair this week, you can still order books online until the end of Sunday 2nd June. 

You can buy books online here. Don't forget, there is a special 3 for 2 offer available and ff you're not sure what to buy, please do take a look at what's on offer here.

To make the ordering process easier, please email Lucy Parkinson-Gadd with your order so we can match your order with the books delivered.

All books ordered online will arrive at school the week after half term and we will alert parents by email. Your support is much appreciated as every penny earnt means more books in our library.

Still time to express interest in September buses

We are exploring new additional bus routes for the areas around Caversham, Aldermaston and Hermitage for the 2024 Autumn Term, alongside our existing routes. Please submit your interest for any of these routes by completing this form.  

NB: Bus routes are being offered to pupils in Year 2 (from September) and above.

New Bradfield Group role: Group Director of Marketing and Communications

The Bradfield Group, incorporating Bradfield College, St Andrew’s School and Bradfield College Enterprises, is seeking an experienced Group Director of Marketing and Communications to lead strategic and operational marketing, communications and public relations and to take a key leadership role in helping to position the Group for future success and development.

You can see more information about the role here.

If you would be interested in having an informal, confidential, conversation about this position, please contact David Stephens who is overseeing the process.

Music Timetable

The music timetable for after half term is now uploaded on the Parent Portal

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Book Look

A date for your diary for the final opportunity to look at work for this academic year: Year 1 and 2 – Wednesday 26th June 8:00-8:35 or 3:30-4:15pm Reception – Thursday 27th June (following the 'dance watch')

Year 2 'Passport to Prep' update

Year 2 will be completing their 'Passport to Prep' programme after half term. On the following dates they will be attending Prep School assemblies so we ask that they are in School by 8.20 am. 

Tuesday 4th June 

Monday 10th June 

Friday 21st June

Pre-Prep Funky Hair Day fundraise total

Thank you again for your support last week with Funky Hair Day. Chloe is delighted to have raised over £1,500 for Little Princess Trust and will be visiting the hairdresser during half term. Good luck, Chloe!

Half Term postcards

Enjoy the half-term break and please do let us know what you have been up to by either writing and sending a postcard to school or posting a picture on Tapestry.

Year 7 and 8 core subject exams

Download Year 7 core exam timetable

Download Year 8 core exam timetable

Download Year 7 core exams revision guides

Download Year 8 core exams revision guides

Please find above exam timetables and revision guides for the Year 7 and 8 core subject exams that are due to take place in the week after the half term break. The children have been given a paper copy of this timetable (and it is on Teams) as well as a revision planner that they may use if they wish.

This week, Dr Neil spoke to the children during senior assembly and covered the following points:

Where to revise? Does your child have a designated space for revision? A bedroom or a study, perhaps, that is clear of clutter, away from disturbances and therefore conducive to effective learning?

When to revise? There is clearly little point in sitting down to revise in the evening if they are more effective in the mornings. When asked about this in assembly, most children seemed to know when they are at the best, but some weren’t sure. Next week is a good opportunity to find out because they will undoubtedly have other exams to sit in the future.

Why not download a revision timetable template?

Who to revise with? Revision doesn’t need to be an individual endeavour, with the children tucked away in a room somewhere poring over their books. It may be helpful to set up an out of school revision session with another child in the same year. Can an older brother, sister or other family member test your child on what has recently been revised?

How much to revise? Dr Neil recommends somewhere between 2 to 3 hours of revision in each of the four core subjects for Year 7 children, and between 3 and 4 hours for Year 8 children. These figures are likely to vary from subject to subject. Try to work out which subjects require the most attention.

What to revise? This has been outlined in the revision guides that are saved in your child’s tutor group on Teams. These guides should be your child’s first port of call before dipping into text books, exercise books, and online work.

How to revise? This is arguably the most important question of all (second only to what to revise). In Year 6 study skills lessons, your child has looked into the different ways our brains work and what this means for revision. Many children have already purchased a set of index cards to organise their studies. Other aides include colourful post-it notes which could help turn revision into a game or could be stuck onto windows or mirrors (or walls or ceilings) around the house. Mind maps also can be effective as a way of organising information. No one approach to revision fits all, so the key is to make revision as active as possible.

Dr Neil’s final message to the children in assembly was the importance of balancing work, rest and play. They have all worked very hard throughout the course of this year and these exams will be a good opportunity for their efforts to be recognised. We hope that next week’s revision and the following week’s exams go well for all.

Year 5 and 6 non-core exam revision guides

Below are revision guides for Year 5 and 6 exams (both core and non-core) that take place after half term as well as the exam timetables.

Year 5 Core Exam Timetable

Year 5 Core Subject Revision Guide

Download Year 5 non-core exams revision guide

Year 6 Core Exam Timetable

Download Year 6 non-core exams revision guide

Year 6 Core Subject Revision Guide 

Although there are no formal expectations in terms of revision over half term, it is likely that some children will want to revisit their work in preparation for their exams.  Therefore, please also see the revision guides that we have produced to accompany the exams.

If you would like to read the revision advice that I have given to our older children, please see the Year 7 and 8 exams message above 

Atom Learning for Year 5 children

Over the break, your child can expect to find a selection of verbal and non-verbal reasoning activities on Atom Learning. Throughout the year, it has been encouraging to see that the children have begun to develop an understanding of which types of question they find easy and which they find more challenging.  In response, the children have been set Atom activities that focus on particular areas tailored to them.  These activities will typically contain fewer questions, but offer more focused practice.

Sign up for 3 free Atom lessons here. 

Year 3 Music Concert - Tuesday 4th June in the Chapel

Year 3 parents are invited to watch their children perform in front of their peers in an enjoyable music concert in the Chapel at 4.15 pm on Tuesday 4th June. 

Year 7 & 8 PSPQ Celebration Evening - Thursday 6th June

From 5.30 to 7.00 pm on Thursday 6th June, St Andrew's is hosting its inaugural 'At Our Best- PSPQ Celebration' evening (click the invitation here).

The PSPQ is a Pre-Senior Project Qualification - the planning of an extended essay and a presentation. This event is for Year 7 & 8 pupils and families in which Year 8 pupils will showcase their communication skills, following completion of their PSPQ projects to inspire Year 7s for the following year, and to celebrate their achievements. 

Please email if your child is unable to attend.

PSHE and RSE in the Summer Term

The school's upcoming PSHE topic for the next half-term will be 'Changing Me', which will be taught to all year groups. The focus will be on the changes that occur throughout the various stages of the human life cycle, and in the older year groups, the impact this has physically and emotionally. 

We encourage discussions on these topics at home, and to aid in this, we are providing a preview of the topics that will be covered by each year group. We will be sending out more detailed information about specific lessons (attached and highlighted in yellow), including key vocabulary, activities, and delivery dates after the half term break.

School General Election

Following the announcement that a General Election is to be held on Thursday 4th July, we are pleased to announce that Prep school pupils will be enjoying a flavour of politics later this term and will get the chance to vote in our school General Election. The timing is not perfect as the children are so busy in the run up to the end of the Summer Term, but hope this will give them some insight into the election process. Further details to follow. 

We are intergrating the newsletter with our SOCS Calendar.
Below, you will find event and sports information for the next 7 days.

Please click 'View 7 Days' at the top of the section for Dates and Sports on the left.
If you would like more information or to look further ahead, please visit the SOCs calendar.

Missed any news? Go back and see previous editions of The Messenger in the Archive page

Friday 14th June, 8.15 am,
Coffee at St Andrew’s

Tara Reeve, Director of Admissions at Downe House, is coming for coffee to talk to parents interested to hear more about their increase in day places and the introduction of a day fee from September 2025.

Email to confirm attendance

Friday 24th May, 8.15 am,
Coffee at St Andrew’s

William Moore, Assistant Director of Admissions at Eton College, is coming for coffee to talk to parents interested in hearing more about Eton as an option for their son.

Email to confirm attendance

The Power of Food

Polly Webb, a food nutritionist, delivered an informative presentation to pupils in Years 5-8 this week. She spoke passionately about 'The Power of Food' during the two workshops. We discussed how eating is all about balance and enjoyment of every type of food. She never labelled any food as 'good' or 'bad’, ‘healthy' or 'unhealthy’ but clearly explained the effects of certain foods. An important message is that food not only assists with our mental wellbeing and feeling happy and healthy but goes so much further into gaining good sleep, improving concentration and thereby performance in exams along with good energy levels on the sports field etc.  


Many pupils shared breakfast ideas and Polly gave good suggestions for snacks after and before sport. Popular choices from the students included avocado & egg on seeded bread, a smoothie – with seeds, banana, strawberries, yogurt, milk, porridge & raspberries, banana & bagels and yogurt & fruit. 

Popular ‘Brain foods’ we discussed were salmon and walnuts. (Brain foods are those that are rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals providing the body with energy). Most importantly for the children was the take away to try to have a rainbow of food on their plates and lots of water, to aim to avoid the blood sugar rollercoaster. 

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