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Visiting Author Stephen Davies and World Book Week

On Tuesday, as part of World Book Week, we welcomed Stephen Davies as our visiting author. Stephen is a successful children’s author who began his writing career in Berkina Faso, West Africa, where he lived for 14 Years.

Writing all his adult life, Stephen's adventure stories include Don’t Spill the Milk, Hilda and the Hidden People (Netflix tie-in), The Ancient Egypt Sleepover, Myths, Mummies and Magic in Ancient Egypt, Survivor, Titanic and Chessboxer.

Stephen enthusiastically talked to our Prep School in their assembly and delivered a series of engaging and inspiring workshops to all the children from Years 1 - 8 throughout the day. He discussed the process of writing, what inspires him to write and, after giving the children the opportunity to produce their own writing, gave them encouraging and constructive feedback. He also kindly spent time signing books in our library.

Sophie Hearn, Head of English writes:

"Having a children’s author visit us at school this week has added to the magic of World Book Week at St Andrew’s. The children were spellbound as he told of his travels and adventures across the globe; the creative writing pieces they all produced after his workshops on Ancient Egypt, RMS Titanic and thriller-writing were nothing short of brilliant."

The celebration of reading continued throughout World Book Day when pupils and staff dressed as their favourite book characters. The day began with a Mega Read in our Sports Hall where our Pre-Prep children buddied up with our Prep pupils and read together.

Huge thanks to Alex Forbes of Fourbears Books who enabled children to swap their World Book Day tokens for free books – his tables were definitely bare by the end of Break. The Library was mobbed by children wanting to borrow books and pupils clustered in little groups throughout the day to chat about their costumes, their characters and imaginary worlds far away from Berkshire.  

An enormous thank you to Sophie Hearn for organising such a spectacular day, and to Johnnie Wrennall for his support and excellent photos. See the short film below talking to children about their costumes and favourite books.


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