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The Le Carré library lies at the heart of the school. Recently relocated and refurbished, it is a bright and spacious place that the whole school can enjoy. Children have a huge variety of books, graphic novels, magazines and newspapers at their disposal. There are eReaders for younger year groups and older children can read eBooks on their own devices. The library is open every day - children can use the area not only to read for pleasure and borrow books, but also for quiet study. English lessons regularly take place in the library, plus you will see students gathering there for monthly Book Club meetings and literary events. Pupils in Year 7 and 8 have the opportunity to become Librarians and we encourage requests for new books and reading recommendations from all year groups. The bookshelves are constantly being replenished and children can participate in literary competitions and delve deeper into specific genres and authors thanks to displays and organised events.

Take a look at our recommended reading lists below:

Prep School


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