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On the hunt for hedgehogs to raise money for local charity

Continuing discussions on the importance of biodiversity conservation this term, our Eco Committee was excited to share details of their next fundraising initiatives, and their reasons for supporting local charity, Hedgehog Bottom, in assembly last week. They also showed a very special film caught on a trail camera left for a month in our grounds, kindly edited by Mr Borthwick. (You can watch the film further down.)

Coinciding with Hedgehog Awareness Week, our Pre-Prep School Council was in full force on Thursday morning in their hedgehog headbands, selling hedgehog food and hedgehog colouring sheets, whilst our Prep School pupils (and staff hedgehogs) prepared for the BIG Hedgehog Hunt.

Pre-Prep pupils have been tasked with putting the food in a secluded spot in their gardens and if lucky enough to spot a hedgehog, take and share a photo.

Now, with less than 1 million hedgehogs left in the UK, having experienced drastic decline mainly due to loss of habitat, changes in agriculture, urbanisation, and predation, the Eco Committee's campaign objective was to highlight how vital they are to the UK's ecosystem, and the need to protect one of our most popular endangered species.

Later, blessed with a super-sunny day, our Prep pupils raced to get into their 'greens' and outdoor shoes, and lined up in forms on the South Terrace, ready to receive their hedgehog hunt checklist.

Meanwhile, our eleven volunteer (staff) hedgehogs - Horatio (Mr Fearn), Harlan (Mr Bates), Harvey (Mr Graham), Harrison (Mr Carter), Hank (Mr Gair), Herbert (Mr Mortimore), Harriet (Mrs Hearn), Henrietta (Mrs Follett), Holly (Mrs Dinsdale), Harmony (Mrs Weir) and Heidemarie (Mrs Henderson) - dashed off to find their hiding place in our grounds, and wait for the onslaught of determined detectives.

Juniors started first, with Middles and Seniors setting off five and ten minutes later. Working in pairs or groups, teams had to find all eleven hedgehogs in the quickest time possible. It's true to say that some were easier to find than others.

Careering to the finish line in first place came Year 3 trio, Edward, Franco and Syrus, promptly followed by Year 5 girl-power team comprising Annabelle, Georgia, Chloe W, Chloe D, Flossie and Jemima. Finishing in an equally impressive third place, was Year 7 Charlie and Matias.

Congratulations to all our pupils and staff for rising to the challenge of the hunt and for making it such a fun event. Thank you also to our Pre-Prep School Council and Prep School Eco Committee for their help, support and enthusiasm, and for coming up with such engaging and inclusive ideas.

The money generously donated by pupils is to support local rescue centre, Hedgehog Bottom where 100% of donations go to the hedgehogs. Run by volunteers, they're also always on the look out for more adults to help, so if you can spare a few hours, please get in touch with Gillian Prince, one of the founders.

We are proud to announce that the total raised by the Pre-Prep and Prep School is £530. Enjoy our short film of the BIG Hedgehog Hunt and trail cam footage below, and please keep protecting our prickly, pulchritudinous friends.


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