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Our School vision

Our vision is to nurture happy, grounded and kind children, who are stretched but not stressed, and who leave the School with a zest for learning and for life.

An engaging curriculum and outstanding pupil wellbeing

Fully co-ed
A flexible approach for working families

We avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to education by offering strong, personalised academic learning in small classes, alongside outstanding pastoral care, provided by our experienced and dedicated  staff.


In 2023, we adopted the Pre-Senior Baccalaureate (PSB), a more holistic and skills-based curriculum, and became a Microsoft Showcase School – one of only four prep schools in the UK and 400 schools globally to have been accredited this award, 

A love of the great outdoors 
Current and future plans

We offer flexible Monday to Friday boarding, with individual bookings available at 24 hours’ notice. There is no Saturday school, giving families time together over the weekends. Parents can drop their children for Breakfast Club from 7.30 am.  Supper is available for Years 3 to 8, until 6.30 pm, with specialist activities and clubs taking place in the evenings.  

St Andrew’s is set in 54 acres of beautiful woodland and grounds with endless opportunities to play and explore. Every day, our pupils spend on average 2.5 hours outside, whether it be for sport or breaks, including our Nursery, who take daily trips to their Woodland HQ.

St Andrew’s is part of The Bradfield Group and only three miles from Bradfield College. Every year, around a third of our Year 8 pupils move on Bradfield for Senior School in Year 9.


Excitedly, work for our new Performing Arts Centre, which will house a theatre, art and creative space, starts later this year, with plans to open in 2025.

Be kind

Dare to think differently

Be your best self

St Andrew’s is an established co-educational school for over 320 children aged 3 to 13. Whilst having plenty of history behind us, the School has evolved to meet the requirements of the world we live in today and places a great deal of emphasis on equality, diversity, and respect for one another.

'Visitors encountering St Andrew’s for the first time are greeted by one of the most idyllic panoramas you are likely to encounter at a prep school.’  Good Schools Guide
Our School values

The School's Aims

To achieve our School vision, St Andrew’s aims to:

Provide a secure and nurturing environment,

where all children can develop both their self-confidence and the resilience to tackle future challenges.

Ensure that each pupil reaches their academic potential

by encouraging them to think for themselves and presenting them with opportunities for collaboration, creativity and challenge.

Foster the academic growth and personal, social, and emotional development of the children in the Pre-Prep,

as well as laying the best possible foundation stones, so they are fully prepared and ready to thrive in the Prep School

Create a forward-thinking culture of digital innovation,

which empowers, enriches and extends the learning and experience for all of our children.

Build a supportive and welcoming environment for all,

including pupils, parents, staff, alumni and the wider community.

Offer a breadth of opportunity through sport, the arts and our co-curricular programme,

so all children’s talents are recognised and celebrated, and they become well-rounded individuals

Run a fun and rewarding flexi-boarding experience

in an environment which is secure and homely.

for every pupil, as we prepare children to move on to the senior school of their choice.

Ensure that we both aspire for excellence, and seek inclusive participation,


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