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Wraparound care

Dependable wraparound care is one of St Andrew’s many strengths.  We appreciate people lead busy lives and we offer flexible options to support working parents and facilitate pupil commitments.

Breakfast Club
Co-curricular after-school clubs
Supper Club

Breakfast Club starts at 7.30 am on any weekday and is open to all children.  Breakfast menus include continental style breakfasts, porridge, bacon sandwiches or pancakes.  Pre-Prep children are escorted over to their building at 8.00 am. 

Pre-Prep clubs and Tea Club run until 6.00 pm and both must be pre-booked.  


Our vast choice of co-curricular clubs, that change each term, take place across school facilities and grounds. Children can choose from activities including music sequencing, taekwondo, code ninjas, fencing, debating, drama, art, ballet, yoga, street dance, rock-climbing and crochet.

We also offer a supper club to children in Years 3 – 8.  Parents are welcome to book their child in for supper and collect them at 6.30 pm. There is a small charge for children not in activities who need to stay later than 6.30 pm.

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