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Celebrating our differences on Odd Socks Day

Last week, children and staff marked the start of ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ with Odd Socks Day. A colourful and diverse array of different types of socks flooded St Andrew’s, highlighting the importance of daring to think differently, being inclusive, and being kind. Our pupil’s voices are central to setting the culture and standards of our School.

Odd Socks on display at St Andrew's

Deputy Head, Pastoral Care, Kirsty Parkhouse said:

“Through a series of support systems: - an EDI (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) programme, external speakers, nutrition and fitness initiatives, mindfulness practices, peer support, and promoting positive relationships, we create an environment where every student can thrive. Together, we stand against bullying, champion kindness, and create a safe and nurturing space for all members of our school community.”

Happy children love to learn

Aside from stretching our pupils academically, without stress, one of our top priorities is to develop children’s social and emotional skills. We recognise that children learn better when they are happy, and are incredibly proud when our prospective families comment on this during their visits.

Here’s how we help our children (and staff ) to be H.A.P.P.Y:

BEING HEALTHY – having a balanced diet and getting a good night’s sleep

STAYING ACTIVE – making sure life isn’t too sedentary and enjoying some exercise

PREPARED TO HELP OTHERS – supporting others creates positive self-esteem and gives a sense of perspective

PREPARED TO TALK – encouraging worries or concerns to be shared with others, so no need to cope alone

BE YOURSELF – being your best self and comfortable in own skin

Read more about how we nurture the wellbeing of our children here, and please watch our short Odd Socks film!


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